NB: Please forgive the nonsense technobabble.

MDM: Sorry for the delay, guys. Things kinda got lost in the shuffle. Hard to keep a rhythm in the midst of the chaos that is not working and getting our house ready for baby.

NB: Period movie ads:


NB: Wow! I may have to look into this FB thing. I’m missing a lot! Good luck with your next enterprise.

MDM: Update coming hopefully tomorrow. These last few days have been full to exhaustion. Neko, you’re not on FB, so you may not know, but we closed the Gelateria yesterday. Big going out of business celebration, and now several days of wrap up past close stuff. Hoping tomorrow to have time and energy for ChiLi.

Thanks for your patience.


NB: We’re going to the next room.

MDM: Yeah, since she had no idea you were there, I gave her no defense roll at all. Go look at YOUR character sheet and see where 21 wound ranks puts ya. ;)

NB: Send one of yours to the hospital, we send one of yours to the morgue. That’s the Chicago way.

NB: Well, Mugsy figured out that you can’t out-muscle a Troll adept. You have to out-finesse him. Now, on to Rose!

MDM: Yeah, honestly you handled Mr. Kluwe so neatly, I wanted to make sure the element of grave peril remains present. And really, Rose was your biggest concern going in, I didn’t want to disappoint. :)

NB: Azog’s taken a lot of damage over time. He has enough plot for a long campaign.

I was ready to gripe when you mentioned magic rules we haven’t used for about 24 months, but then I remembered them perfectly: take a failure rank in exchange for a number of temporary style dice. At the very least it means Rose will be less effective if she switches back to energy bolts.

MDM: I’m re-reading everybody’s plot hooks. Oh man, the fun I could have as GM if we continue this down the road a piece!

NB: Thanks!

SFTG: +1 Style die to Neko for the Trolls know bridges comment

MDM: Here’s the one I usually use: D&D Dice Roller

NB: Miss the dice roller? Try this: Roll 2d6.

NB: Wow, was that supposed to be the Hindenburg? “No ticket!”

SFTG: Isn’t that like exactly the layout of the airship in ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’?

NB: http://www.airships.net/wp-content/uploads/hindenburg-dining017web.jpg

MDM: ;)

NB: Airship on fire, gangsters in panicked flight, law enforcement on the way, and just enough time for an exciting escape. Do games get any better than this?

NB: Fun photos of Philadelphians in 1925: http://www.slate.com/blogs/the_vault/2014/08/25/history_of_philadelphia_in_photographs_john_frank_keith_s_street_photography.html

MDM: Clever!

NB: Old OOC is here.

MDM: Prune away, Neko.

Sorry you’re sick, Ethan. :/

SFTG: Sorry guys, I got some illness thats kicking my guts all around.

NB: No dice. Try again next week? (Also, we could safely prune the ooc thread a little, right?)

MDM: Dang! That’s awesome. I might be available tonight or perhaps Monday night if you guys want to try skyping again.

NB: Guys, we’ve been playing two years, two weeks. We launched July 12, 2012.


MDM: Just post above the previous line of text if you’ve got a comment. Please start with your handle in bold. Thanks!


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