Wolf Point Warrens

In the heart of Chicago, just across the river from the bustle of Downtown, lies Wolf Point.

Initially an industrial and warehouse district lying along the Chicago River, The Change was not kind to this area, being initially prone to strange localized earthquakes. With the onset of magical research it was determined that Wolf Point lay above a small but significant intersection of ley lines, but by this time the area had been overrun by orks.

After years without any more earthquakes, attempts were made to reclaim the area, now called the Warrens, and streets lined with sensible brownstone houses were erected. Another series of localized earthquakes, however put end to that plan, and the area was reclaimed by the orks, many who had simply moved below ground when they were evicted. Many of the brownstones now serve as facade entrances for various “ork-holes”.

The area is comprised of collapsed brownstones, rusted warehouses, and overgrown lots.

Wolf Point Warrens

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