Plot Hooks

Whenever your character takes damage for the first time in a Scene (denoted by a new Adventure Log Post), you will need to post a new Plot Hook based on the Forte/Specialty to which you applied that damage first.

Zander gets stepped on by Dunkelzahn, taking 3 points of damage. He applies that damage entirely to [Forte: Obscure Knowledge +2] thereby zeroing it out. Zander’s player then goes to the Plot Hooks page and creates the following entry" In his studies, Zander has uncovered the existence of a book detailing means by which to use a Dragon’s own magic to destroy him.

Nicely-Nicely Plot Hooks

  1. O’Reilly is known all over town for organizing the Oldest Established Permanent Floating Craps Game in Chicago. Because he often holds the event in O’Hanlon’s territory, the mob boss skims a cut of his profits. Now that O’Reilly’s reformed, the Craps Game will either find another organizer or go defunct; either way, Boots is out a pretty penny.
  2. Ever since Sister Mary Browne brought him to the Billy Odinsday Revival to have him baptized, Azog’s natural reluctance to inflict harm on others has intensified. He is probably now unable to kill another ensouled being, though mindless beasts and extra-planar horrors don’t count. If able, he will attempt to rescue a person even if it causes him personal risk.
  3. Azog is a habitual thief, and under stress he reverts to habit. In picking Lovecraft’s pocket of a rare spell book (the one that Trask was asking after) he may have set in motion a sequence events that could draw Things From Beyond into Chicago’s orbit. He has already forgotten that he has it in his pocket.
  4. Azog learned to scrap as a street urchin. As one of the bigger Trolls on his block, he rarely had to prove his fighting ability to the gang. Nobody would challenge him… until Big Jule from New York City moved in. Suddenly there was a bigger Troll on the block, and Azog would get his clock cleaned if they ever came to blows. But size wasn’t the only advantage Big Jule had: he was a trained boxer who had studied under famed pugilist “Gentleman Jim” Corbett. After their last fight, Azog swore that if they ever met again, it would be on more equal terms.
  5. Mary and Felicia know one another from Mary’s flapper days! Fireworks could go off if Maeve and Mary ever compare notes.
  6. Like many street youths, young Azog learned to read from Sunday newspaper funny pages and learned to write by copying comic strips. Eventually he moved up to check forgery (this was before the advent of automated check-reading machines). He now reads and writes exceptionally well for a Troll, which only burnished his reputation in the neighborhood as a clever gambler and thief.
  7. A gambler’s mark is a scrap of paper with his signature and a written promise to deliver goods or services upon demand. It can be used at the gambling table or at any time afterwards and is transferable to third persons. The mark might oblige the gambler to deliver cash or ordinary favors, but sometimes make unusual promises. (In Guys and Dolls, “Sky” Masterson’s mark promised to deliver twenty sinners to Salvation.) Azog has been a gambler for years and must have written marks still in circulation.
  8. Boots has a good memory, and though he wouldn’t normally give a two-bit criminal like Azog a second thought, he hates a double-cross. He also knows about Sister Mary, and isn’t above harming her to make an example of Azog.

Mugsy Plot Hooks

  • In the flash of light right before Mugsy takes it in the chest, he thinks he recognizes Walter Collins from his time over seas in the war. Walter was up for courtmartial for selling arms and secrets to Axis agents but a bumbling investigation merely saw him discharged dishonorably. It was when Mugsy tried to pull one over on a Belgian MP to ‘liberate’ some recovered Clockwork Parts but Collins dealings had made them disappear that started the whole process.
  • In a charm necklace on one of the rug rats throwing stones, Mugsy recognizes a gear containing the clockwork signature of Abram Kentz, a brilliant clockwork mechanic/doctor for the Allies in the great war. He had hired Mugsy as a PI to investigate illegal copies of his schematics showing up in the underground a few years back. It was on this case that Mugsy met Esther and her family and led to the arrest of a few crooks. Mugsy thought he had solved the case.

Jamison “Black Bag” Chambers Plot Hooks

  • The reason Jamison’s so good at arguments, (and intimidate, too!) was because he learned it from the best; his mother. She was a passed master at the art of the glancing blow, the hidden razor; her words cut like knives. Even now, she’s the terrible Queen Bee of a bevy of socially-cannibalistic Ladies up-town.

Plot Hooks

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