Largest and toughest of the metahumans, trolls are found almost exclusively in the laborer and criminal classes, though a few prominent trolls serve in positions of power as politicians and labor union leaders.

Uniquely among metahumans, trolls are semi-upright and can knuckle-walk like a gorilla. They are also excellent climbers and can indeed hang effortlessly to the undercarriage of a bridge.

A troll’s skin is very tough, but it lacks any natural protection against sunlight. If exposed to direct sun the skin will blister in minutes. For this reason, most trolls are active at night and sleep days, and at all times Trolls cover themselves in broad-brimmed hats, full sleeves and cuffs, and gloves.

Most trolls are aesthetes and take great pride in their dress and grooming, especially the maintenance of horns.

Trolls have natural thermographic vision, are tougher, stronger, and much larger than your average human. They receive DR equal to their Meta: Troll bonus, and half their Troll bonus for attack in a Duel. They may use their Troll forte in conjunction with any physical task.

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Even among metahumanity, elves are a people apart. Regarded as aloof by the other races of man, Elves form a class unto themselves, though a given family or individual can exist at any level of wealth or education.

Elves can see in low light, are more agile, and generally quicker than your average human. They receive half their Meta: Elf bonus to attack and defense in a duel, or full bonus to a Flashy Challenge. They may use their Elf forte in conjunction to any task that requires delicate work, or that involves a quick reflex action.

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Dwarfs (or Dwarves)

Moreso than other metahumans, Dwarfs have integrated themselves into the middle class. They tend to take skilled manual work or professions such as banking. Dwarfs have largely eschewed the civilian bureaucracy excepting areas civil engineering.

Dwarves have natural thermographic vision. They are shorter, hardier, and more resistant than your average human. They receive an automatic +1 to defense in a Duel, and gain a bonus equal their Meta: Dwarf forte to any die roll for recovering Wound Ranks. They may use their Dwarf forte with any technical task.

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Orcs are the most prolific of metahumans, with twin births the norm and singletons rare. Orcs are represented in all social classes. They have porcine features and large teeth.

Orks can see in low light, are tougher, and stronger than your average human. They automatically receive DR 1, and add their Meta: Ork bonus to their margin of success in any melee Duel. They may use their Ork forte in conjunction with any physical task.


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