• Gameplay will take place on the Adventure Log (since I haven’t paid for forums), and will be effectively turn based. On each “turn” the GM (that’s me) will post a situation update to which each player posts a response. Each player gets ONE response per turn.

When posting your actions, consult the PDQ Master Chart and go ahead and roll your own dice against it to determine success/failure of your actions. If you fail, but figure out a way to bring another forte to bear in a way that can give you success, go ahead and post that in the description as well.

Example: Zander the Mage is fighting Dunkelzahn, the Great Dragon. “Fighting” is probably better described as “running away in fear”. As he runs, he turns down a blind alley to be confronted by an 8’ tall fence. He gathers himself [Forte: Athletic +2] and leaps, trying to clear it…

Zander’s player checks the Master Chart and assesses that this is more than just a straightforward task, but probably not something that would be “hard for an untrained person”, he concludes that it’s a “Good” difficulty task with a Target Number of 9. He rolls his attempt with the active forte (Athletic) with a +2 bonus to his roll, getting 5 on 2d6 for a total of 7. It’s not enough to clear the fence. Thinking quickly, he realizes that he can add Zander’s [Badass Mage +4] to the roll for a total of 11, granting him a fair success.

…but stumbles as he makes his leap. Thinking quickly, he utters levitare! and, wrapping himself in the sheer power of magical force, levitates himself over the fence.



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