Azog "Nicely-nicely" O'Reilly

Reformed Crook


Azog “Nicely-nicely” O’Reilly

Foible: Easily tempted. [unranked]
Motivation: Trying to go straight so the gal in the Salvation Army uniform will give me the time of day. (2)
Past: “I was born a no-goodnik, gonna die a no-goodnik.” Streetwise, (2)
Specialty: Hand-to-hand fighting (4)
Field of Expertise: Thief (2)
Skills: Gambling (2), Fast-talk (2)
Meta: Troll (2)

Techniques: Surprise Attack – Chained (Hand-to-hand fighting), In the dark – Chained(Troll 2), Slippery – Chained (Thief)

PDQ Master Chart

Character Record Sheet

Forte Poor (-2) Average Good (+2) Expert (+4) Master (+6)
Motivation X w w - -
Past X X X - -
Specialty X X X X -
Thief X X X - -
Gambling X w w - -
Fast-Talk X X X - -
Meta: Troll† X X X - -
Pistol: Colt .45‡ + + - - -

Meta: Troll †

  • Reduce Wound Ranks (from Physical Attacks) by Meta: Troll Bonus
  • Add half Meta: Troll bonus to Attack in a Duel
  • Use Meta: Troll in conjunction with any physical task

Pistol: Colt 1911 ‡

  • Temporary Forte, may not take failure or wound ranks
  • Add +4 to margin of success on a Challenge

Inventory: one Colt 1911 pistol, a box of ammunition, one men’s pocket watch and chain, one copy Gideon Bible stamped Ambassador East. Piece of luggage. One medallion of St. Jude. Case of dominoes. Joke cigars. Crazy glasses. Two cigarette cases, one magical.

† See Metahumans rules.
‡ Uses Firearms rules.


O’Reilly was a petty criminal with a rap sheet a mile long. He ran a well-established floating craps game, held up a tobacconist, served as “muscle” on an extortion racket, did time for all of the above. When he met Sister Mary Browne of the Salvation Army, he resolved to do right by her and reformed on the spot, with very little back-sliding. Eager to prove himself a good guy, but not entirely out of criminal habit, he walks the tightrope with temptation all around and the attention of Sister Mary still a distant goal.

O’Reilly is still known throughout the criminal underworld as a legendary gambler and a reliable ally as crooks go. He is looking for a chance to put his many talents to work on the side of good for a change.

Azog "Nicely-nicely" O'Reilly

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