Chicago Lightning

Chicago South Shore and South Bend Railroad

As Azog gets comfortable in his seat, ticket in hand, he sees a movement out of the corner of his eye. Turning his head, he is confronted with a beautiful brunette sitting down in the seat across from him. Azog is wise enough and sizes her up quickly, beautiful yes – but dangerous, like a dark alley or a winding road at night.

She looks to her left and right, then meets eyes with him, “This will do just nicely…nicely.”


“Curse that handsome devil!” thinks Azog as he touches his hat to the femme fatale. Nonchalantly he opens his etherphone and sends the following to one hplovecraft.

“Hlp! In train car w/ unknwn evil.”

He leaves the phone in his hand and gazes out the window, avoiding eye contact with the other passenger.


She smiles knowingly at him, “Cat got yer tongue, big fella?” The etherphone is acting up.


“Hghrt!” snorts O’Reilly. “Gosh, Ma’am, I don’t want to seem rude or nuthin, but uh… uh… oh, shoot, I got a call really I gotta take. Hello?” He puts the buzzing etherphone to his ear and hopes for a miracle. Just then he locks eyes with Rose and his blood turns cold.


The etherphone is on the fritz.

She smiles prettily, but she ignores Azog’s ploy – her voice is like quiet daggers of ice,“Whereya goin’ Azog? Boots don’t like it when his investments take it on the Lam.”

Azog can feel a tingling sensation creeping down his hand from the phone.


“Hlp In train car w/ unknwn evil.” in Morse code is:
…. .-.. .—. / .. . / – .. .- .. . / -.. .- .-. / .— ... / ..- . -. . .- . / . … .. .-.. .-.-.-


O’Reilly throws himself on his knees and begins pleading. “Oh please, doll, don’t kill me! An old friend came in from out of town! Someone stole my car! There was an earthquake! A terrible flood! Locusts! IT WASN’T MY FAULT!”

The last word he Troll-bellows, meaning that he shouts at a volume of 180 decibels. This is a kind of attack.

He is close enough to the other passenger to attempt a second attack at the same time: he attempts to slip his own etherphone onto her person. There’s no chance he can do this unnoticed; he roughly shoves the object into her fitted jacket, hoping to place it between her shoulder blades and make it difficult to reach.

Because this is an improbable maneuver, the player elects to use any and all “style dice” he may have earned heretofore.


The glass windows explode with the force of Azog’s bellow. He has caught Rose by surprise, and correctly guessed that his phone had turned poisonous. He manages to slip the phone onto her person (they are only two feet apart, and his arms are long) but not before the shock puts him in agony and freezes his right hand. Now it is she who agonizes, writhing and screaming on the seat with rage.

Azog calculates quickly: an enforcer who could reach him at unlimited remove (through is phone) but who chose to offer him a target must be an overconfident fool easily finished off or a formidable foe. He decides upon the latter.

Before Rose can recover from her self-inflicted wound, Azog throws his voluminous coat at her head and disappears out the window.


Azog is on the roof of the carriage crawling toward the engine. He would very much like to leave the train before Rose catches him. If good luck shines, a low-hanging bridge will appear very soon. [ -2 style dice?] If not, he will throw himself upon the ground.


(for 2 style dice, you can definitely have a tree branch. Alternatively, the train is moving kind of slowly)


As Azog hauls himself up onto the roof of the train, he hears a woman’s terrified shriek below.


[Below where? Inside the carriage or from the ground?]


[From inside the railway car]


[Foible, temptation]

Curious to a fault, O’Reilly pauses his exciting escape to peer through the glass into the carriage below him. What a sight he must look, upside-down with his face pressed to the window!


(gain one Style Die!)

Below him, the woman with whom he has just struggled sits in tears – with two Police officers beside her. She gestures emotively towards the broken window, at which the entire trio looks up and sees Azog’s face in the window. The Police stumble over each other in attempt to get to the window, commanding “Halt, you are under arrest!”


O’Reilly shouts a troll oath too scandalous to print here (but don’t the bitch deserve it?)

With his coat and etherphone still in the cabin and his fast-talker wounded, he has no chance of a good outcome after an interview with the fuzz.

Azog hurls himself to the ground, rolls, and scampers off on all fours. It isn’t dignified, but it is fast. He is still in Chicago! though in an unfamiliar Southerly neighborhood. He will make best speed for Lovecraft’s Downtown headquarters, perhaps hiring a cab on his meager purse.


As Azog looks over his shoulder at the retreating train, he sees the woman staring coldly out the window at him.


O’Reilly stands upright, takes off his hat, and bares his porcine teeth.


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