History as we Dont Know It

October 8, 1871

  • Natural Disasters occur on a global scale. Many major cities suffer the outbreak of massive fires.
  • 1 in 10 Children born on this day and for the next 10 years are stillborn

October 8, 1881

  • Goblinization: roughly 1 in 10 children of the age of ten undergo a dramatic and painful metamorphosis – transforming into two types, quickly referred to Orks and Trolls.
  • 1 in ten children born after this day seem deformed, at first. As they mature, they will develop fully, but differently than normal humans: Dwarves and Elves

September 23, 1893

  • Sir Francis Galton publishes “Inquiries into Human Faculty and Its Development” laying out the ‘science’ of eugenics. In his tome, Galton blames Goblinization on the lack of sound eugenic practices. This begins a world wide love affair with the study of eugenics and the ‘breeding out’ of goblin traits.

January 1, 1889

  • Paiute Indian Medicine Man Wovoka has a vision during a Solar Eclipse. His vision of the Paiute dead raised and their land cleansed of the White Man becomes an impetus for the First Nations to once more practice the sacred rite of Ghost Dance. Wovoka’s teachings spread rapidly, most notably among the Lakota Sioux.

March 17, 1889

  • The Dallas Morning News Headline reads Local Fires Linked to Magical Arts! This is the first published of many rumors suggesting the widespread development of magical power.

September 20, 1889

  • The first scientifically documented use of magic under a controlled environment takes place at a research lab outside Princeton, New Jersey.

December 15, 1890

  • In an effort to hinder the growing Ghost Dance movement among the First Nations, U.S. Indian Agency Police attempt to arrest Sitting Bull on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. A dense fog surrounds Sitting Bull and his closest followers, and when it dissipates they are gone. U.S. Agents leave the reservation empty handed and baffled.

December 29, 1890

  • Chief Spotted Elk’s band of Lakota Sioux are intercepted and escorted to Wounded Knee by a detatchment of the 7th Cavalry.
  • The 7th Cavalry Regiment surrounds the Sioux, who spend the entire night in Ghost Dance.
  • On the morning of the 29th, Cavalry troops enter the encampment with intent to disarm and pacify the Sioux. The Sioux resist and violence ensues – however the gunfire of the 7th Cavalry seems to have no effect on the Sioux whatsoever. The 7th Cavalry Regiment is slaughtered to a man.

August 18, 1891

  • Having received a significant endowment directly from the Vatican, Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., opens the first College of Thaumaturgy. While receiving some initial derision, the College of Thaumaturgy quickly draws the most promising of both occult historians and budding magical practicioners.

October 31, 1890

  • In the midst of All Hallowed Eve’s celebrations, thousands are slaughtered in what will become known as The New Orleans Massacre. Many of the raised tombs throughout New Orleans are opened from within and their occupants emerge to prey upon the living. This is the first known sighting of Ghouls.

Fall, 1892

  • Princeton, Yale, and Harvard Universities each open the doors to a College of High Magic, each with a view towards taking a more scientific and less occult approach to Magic.

October 8, 1893

  • At the height of the World’s Fair: Columbian Exposition, the great dragon Dunkelzahn rises out of the waters of Lake Michigan and soars over the city, alighting in the Grand Basin. This is the first appearance of a dragon to modern man, although many more are seen in the following weeks and years. Dunkelzahn speaks to the assembled masses with a message of unity, acceptance, and worldwide peace in the face of recent changes. His message, however, is initially ignored in the face of a bigger piece of news – his existence.

April 4, 1894

  • Under the leadership of Sitting Bull, the armies of the Sioux Nation stage a number of coordinated attacks against U.S. Military positions throughout North and South Dakota. This marks the beginning of the First Nations War.

July 27, 1896

  • Gugliemo Marconi publicly demonstrates his etherphone invention.

March 6, 1897

  • Two days after his inauguration, President McKinley signs the Treaty of St. Louis. Facing extreme economic crisis in addition to overwhelming military defeat throughout the central United States, McKinley agrees to cede nearly the entire Louisiana Purchase to the Council of First Nations. The United States maintains control of Saint Louis and New Orleans, but also cedes a full two-thirds of Wisconsin as well as the upper peninsula of Michigan to the First Nations. For weeks following the Treaty of St. Louis, bloody protests fill the streets of American cities. Rumors spread of atrocities committed against whites in the new First Nations and fuel the flames of discord. The riots attract all manner of individuals from anarchists to eugenicists who advocate forcefully removing goblinkind from the breeding pool.

October 31, 1900

  • Despite a dogged resistance, all U.S. military presence is finally driven out of New Orleans and its outlying areas. The great port city finally lies entirely in the hands of Ghouls and other monstrosities. People commonly refer to it as The City of the Dead, and it is rumored that a dark and brooding magical power has taken root there.

June 19, 1904

  • At the Saint Louis World’s Fair, Dwarven inventor Drexell Hodge unveils his prototype Clockwork Automaton.

July 28, 1914

  • The kingdom of Austria-Hungary declares war on the kingdom of Serbia, initiating a chain reaction of declarations of war throughout Europe. Within days the entire continent is mobilized towards what will become known as the Great War.

April 6, 1917

  • After the sinking of several US Merchantmen in the Atlantic Ocean, the United States declares war on Germany, entering the Great War. This decision is aided by the presence of a Mexican offensive into the First Nations territory, allowing the United States Army to draw down on some of its forces protecting the border along the Mississippi.

May 18, 1917

  • Congress passes the Selective Service Act, and males thoughout the United States between ages 21 and 30 are entered into a lottery to be drafted into military service. Unbeknownst to the public, this draft is rigged to ensure the inclusion of a large number of magic users and meta-humans.

October 12, 1917

  • The United States Army’s 1st Augmented Division deploys at the trenches near Nancy, France. This Division is composed entirely of Trolls and Orks, augmented with a company of battle mages. This is the first concerted military use of battle magic, and the largest concentration of Goblins in combat to this time. The results are brutal, and the 1st Augmented Division shatters the German Lines on the first day. Notably, Ork casualties are very high.

December 8, 1917

  • Realizing the potential for a protracted war in Europe, as well as the potential for a quick and easy means of breeding new soldiers, the United States Military begins a secret program to begin breeding Orks at a higher rate, specifically to be drafted into the military. The presence of these so called “Ork Factories” goes without notice by the public for some 6 years.

February 14th, 1918

  • Reeling from loss after loss to the Augmented Divisions of the AEF, Kaiser Willhelm II is forced to enter into a bargain he has been trying to put off. Ceding much of his authority to a mysterious individual going by the name Lofwyr, he gains the support of a highly trained cadre of mages.

June 6, 1918

  • The Battle Mages of the German Empire enter into combat for the first time, having augmented their strength over several months. The resulting conflict against the 3rd Augmented Division of the AEF reduces the entire field of battle to a wasteland. Notably, the entire 3rd AD is killed or captured. Rumors spread of magically augmented re-education programs aimed at turning captives against their former comrades.

July 4, 1918

  • In an effort to catch the German Empire Army off-guard, the AEF initiates an offensive later referred to as the Battle of Hamel. The offensive is a fiasco, largely resulting from a massed deployment of re-educated Allied troops, each sporting clockwork-based enhancements. These “Stemwinders” are able to move faster than elves, attack with greater strength than Orks, and shrug off more damage than Trolls. The AEF finds itself reeling in the face of a better equipped, more lethal military. The following six months of combat are a protracted withdrawal by the Allies, as they stalled for time while developing their own Stemwinders. The intensity and ferocity of battle magic employed during this withdrawal carved a swath of destruction several miles wide and hundred of miles long. This land is still poisonous eight years later, and rumored to be inhabited my magical “Weirds”.

September 13, 1918

  • A previously unknown AEF elite unit, known as The Deep Six, succeeds in a daring rade deep into the German Empire, returning with key samples and scientists pertinent to the German Empire Army’s Stemwinder program. Amazingly, The Deep Six survives the raid without losing a single one of its six component members.

September 20, 1918

  • After a week of unfruitful interrogation of the captured German Stemwinder scientists, the AEF resorts to magical torture to extract the information necessary to begin its own military Stemwinder program. Results are instantaneous, and in the process the AEF creates its first “Information Golem”, a magical construct designed to contain the entire intellectual capacity of several other previously sentient beings. All of the German scientists die painfully in the process of having their knowledge forcibly extracted.

December 1, 1918

  • The city of Pittsburgh, PA is evacuated of non-Ork citizens under the guise of an epidemic. Away from the eyes of the public, the entire city is transformed into a factory for the construction of Stemwinder applications.

December 7, 1918

  • The majority of the Ork Factories scattered throughout the United States are relocated to Pittsburgh. By now, the Ork Factories number in thousands of “breeder” Ork women, who have been magically manipulated to give birth to litters sizing between 4 and 8. The previous living spaces within Pittsburgh are restructured to accommodate over 12,000 six month old Orks and their mothers.

January 15, 1919

  • AEF forces retreating from the rout at Hamel finally consolidate their line well enough to stop giving ground just outside of Beauvais and not even 50 miles outside of Paris.

June 19, 1919

  • Referred throughout the AEF as “Big 19”, this day saw the first deployment of AEF Stemwinder troops, mostly Orks, recently arrived from the United States. Building on the technology of the German Empire Stemwinders, these shock troopers proved equally resistant to both magic and mundane damage. Given the time which transpired since The Deep Six raid, the German Empire Army was somewhat prepared to counter AEF Stemwinders, but a well timed simultaneous raid by The Deep Six into German Empire Army headquarters at Amiens prevented the GEA from providing the magical support needed to push back the assault. This is the first AEF victory in nearly a year, routing the GEA and, over the course of several weeks, pushing them back past Amiens and towards Saint-Quentin.

August 12, 1919

  • AEF doctrine shifts without explanation. Rather than pressing the offensive advantage, which had begun to grind down a bit, the AEF digs in at Amiens, erecting massive earthwork barriers in a line stretching South-Southeast from the coast at Calais all the way to Troyes. Between the around-the-clock work of Stemwinders and Mages, the entire wall is erected in less than a month. News writers begin to speak of “Fortress France”. This creates a stalemate which will persist for four years.

August 19, 1919

  • AEF Intelligence reports that The Deep Six have gone missing. No explanations are given.

November 23, 1923

  • In recollection of The Big 19, the AEF initiates a new operational order, The Big 23. Over half a Million Ork Stemwinders, bred within Ork Factories and magically accelerated to maturity in half the natural time, are deployed through gates in Fortress France. A simultaneous assault by Battle Mages both in the physical plane and the ethereal throws German Empire Army defenders into a rout of confusion. The Ork Stemwinders, referred to as Cockroaches, assault tirelessly for thirty six hours, driving the GEA out past Saarbrucken and Strassbourg.

December 1, 1923

  • After a few days rest, the AEF drives its Cockroaches forward once more, with the support of AEF 1st and 2nd Divisions, plus a full scale assault by two divisions of Battle Mages. Casualties among the Cockroaches are astronomical, losing eight out of every ten, but the Cockroaches take the brunt of the casualties, allowing the 1st and 2nd Divisions to drive the GEA back past Frankfurt. Behind them, the AEF Battlemages scour the land of any hope of recovery, creating what will become known as the Great German Wasteland.

December 7th, 1923

  • Kaiser Willhelm II is found dead in his palace, it appears that his face has been bitten off, and his entire body mangled. From this point on, the GEA’s cadre of Battlemages is entirely absent.

December 10th, 1923

  • Willhelm III of the German Empire offers the GEA Surrender to the AEF. All GEA forces stand down from conflict, and arrangements are made for a treaty summit to be held in Versailles.

History as we Dont Know It

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